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Trying more artsy crap. These guys are members of PrattleRattle, a site I write for.

Just got back from a two week vacation from my job, and I was kinda on ComicVine the past week but not too much. So, every month, I’ll give you a brief description of some of the things I did on the site, and a few of the reviews that are note-worthy.

Click the title of the article to read it all. Because it came out today, I have one item from June…. Sorry.

X-Men First Class Character Profile: Angel Salvadore: What role will Angel Salvadore play in the upcoming X-Men film? Is she like her comic book counter-part?

X-Men First Class Character Profile: Emma Frost: Of course I get to do character profiles on the most attractive women in the film. Same thing as the Angel bit, but I spend less time on the original character’s history, and more about continuity with X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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Look at that! I’m going to try and do a reoccurring post about things people know jack shit about. Hooray for me!

I went to film school. You can stop laughing. I have a wonderous BA in Film concentrating in critical analysis and screenwriting. I paid a lot of money for that degree, so I’m allowed to type it all out. I spent most of my time in college doing what many people have done: editing and filming weddings. Most of my film buddies and I jokingly called it the “7th circle of hell” because, well, it’s the worst job in the world. Nowadays, I won’t touch weddings. I did go on to do a freelance piece for Colbert Report called “Rocktober,” edit music videos for a Chicago band for 4 years, work on some short films and documentaries, and um… Colbert Report. However, I still do some filming and editing for a local high school, and if need be, I’ll do some freelance work here and there. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this job, it’s that the clients never know anything about editing.

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Sorry bout the watermark. Anyway, this is more stencil art shit I’m working on. Trying out new things. It’s a picture of my wonderful girlfriend. I took the original photo.

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inferiorego inferiorego Said:

I can remember when I was three, I lost the arm to one of my He-Man figures, which was a guy that turned into a rock, in pre-school.

Please watch the video above before reading on.

I won’t make you click a link this time to view the rest. This is from my blog I had, back in February, on blogspot, called Count Judas’ Pajama Jam. I don’t write for it anymore since I use this writing style on PrattleRattle, so if you do like my ranting here, be sure to check out the stuff I have, and the other writers, on that site.

Watch the video above or else this won’t make any sense. Here we go. I know that no matter what, you’re going to hate the generation that comes after you. I am in that weird position where technically, I’m the start of Generation Y aka the computer generation, but I identify so much more with Generation X simply because I liked the music, the movies, and most importantly, I didn’t grow up with a computer. I have full understanding of what the world is like without Internet, personal computers, or cable television. Growing up, we played outside and used our imaginations. Ideas just didn’t come out of nowhere, they were conceptualized, molded, and perfected. Today, ideas are googled, downloaded, and plagiarized.

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Trying stencil art. This is a picture of my nephew Tommy.

One year ago, I wrote an article for ComicVine on the Comics Code Authority and a bit of history about it. Pretty brief stuff. Check it out.

Although you may not notice it as much on comics today, except for maybe on kids books from DC, Bongo, and Archie, between the mid-50s and early 00s, almost every comic had a stamp on it, somewhere on the cover that read “Approved by the Comics Code Authority.” As a kid, in the wistful 80s, I never really understood what that meant. I always imagined a room full of old men reading comic books and after each one yelling “approved!” or “hogwash!” Sadly, as I got older and found out exactly who and why this was on each comic book, I realized I wasn’t too far off.

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Back in February, I wrote one of my favorite pieces for PrattleRattle after finding an online application for the show American Gladiators.

As a kid, for some reason, it was my dream to be on American Gladiators or WWF wrestling. Those were the only two dreams I was allowed to have during the mid-80s. However, after no one wanted “Tiger Force” Mat Elfring on WWF or Gladiators, I was forced to give up that dream to become a comedian. Nevertheless, today, I found something that reignited that fiery blaze within me: The application for the new American Gladiators television show. I’m pretty sure the show is off the air, but that didn’t stop me from filling out an application and sending it in.

Some of these questions are so ridiculous though. Take for example the first example to the left. “How much skill do you have?” A lot of the “skills” are like the first two, “base jumping” and “high diving.” But you occasionally get thrown some curve balls like “manipulating people” and “tempting the opposite sex.” Two things that don’t come in handy during Powerball. There’s more dumbass questions just like this though.

Want to see more of this terrible application? Click here to read more of me making fun of it!